About Company

Ekaterina Shishkina

Ekaterina Shishkina​ CEO

Established the company in 2006. For over 10 years we make our clients happy with the best touristic offers, simultaneously learning most unique things about international tourism.

Main Principle

Our goal is to understand our clients and provide ideal tours based on their personal preferences


Level Guaranteed

Our managers have thoroughly studied all the offered destinations, personally visiting Earth’s most popular places


No Compromise

Comfort and convenience on top of things. We constantly improve our service, making the tours as easy and clear as possible to choose and purchase

With Love

We love our loyal customers (already exceeding 10,000) and are grateful to those who decided to trust their holiday or business trip to us for the first time

Taking Care of You

Ekaterina Soloveva

Deputy director

Asya Gridneva

A leading expert of individual tourism

Irina Lobastova

Account Manager

Oksana Burmistrova

Director of VIP department

Maria Lapina

Deputy Director of VIP department

Kristina Sukalenko

Visa Services and Insurance Specialist

Olga Tereshchenko

Account Manager